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Alaya Helen is a university qualified counsellor who works with Angels and Counsels of Light.

As a young child Alaya Helen began experiencing alternative realties. At 17 years of age she began a conscious spiritual journey, studying an array of spiritual modalities and has been accredited as a Reiki Master.

Working in a range of specialised areas, in the personal development and spiritual domains, from international disaster recovery to spiritual regression Alaya Helen has an expansive area of expertise. A counsellor, personal enabler, workshop facilitator, and spiritual guide she has more than 20 years experience in working with individuals, and families to improve their lives.

Combining academic knowledge and spiritual wisdom, Alaya Helen has assisted countless people in their personal and spiritual development.

Services offered:


  • Self-Awareness
  •  Emotional and Energetic Intelligence
  • Spiritual Guidance


  • Self Awareness
  • Spiritual Development

Spiritual Regression

  • Alternate and Life between Life
  • Group Facilitator, Speaker and Consultant

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