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Henrietta’s personal weight loss journey started in 2010. She was morbidly obese and unhappy. After dedicating herself to finding the best diet and fitness regime to get the body she wanted, she realised that not one single health plan would help her. She had to learn to find her inner beauty and start loving herself. Less than three years later, she lost 50kg and now strives to share her secret with you.

Henrietta always had the passion for helping people to have a better life. As a social worker, counsellor, NLP , reiki, crystal healing, clinical weight loss practitioner her focus is on a holistic and individualistic approach where people feel empowered and can take the control back of their body and life.

On her website, workshops, blog and personalised healthy weight loss coaching program, Henrietta will show you how to transform your mindset to naturally crave healthy foods, and never want to look at junk food ever again. You will remove all barriers that are holding you back as you learn how to overcome craving and gain the motivation you need to change your unhealthy habits and start living your life of your dreams.

Henrietta Offers:

  • One-on-one Weight Loss Coaching
  • One-On-One Day To Switch On Your Inner Weight Loss Program
  • Workshops to Learn more about Natural Weight Loss
  • True Beauty Blog to keep you updated about healthy living news
  • Inspirational Facebook Page To Keep You Motivated

Through The True Beauty Weight Loss Program, You will go :

  • From worrying about your weight to worrying about the attention
  • From a sabotage mindset to a success mindset
  • From dreaming to living your  dream


  • Reconnecting with your Body, Revitalising your mind and let you to Re-experience your soul
  • Accessing the energy that your body already know to improve your health and clarity
  • Having right the tools and information you need to know in order to create a new healthy lifestyle, without overwhelming you
  • Developing your personalised wellness plan that will work within your specific needs and requirements, such as increasing your energy levels, reducing stress, reducing cravings or weight loss
  • Setting goals that allow you to create the right mindset and help you feel empowered to take ownership of positive change
  • And all within 7 achievable steps!

Dear Weight loss Seeker,


I remember the time when I was 50 kg overweight, jumping from one diet to the next, craving food that I couldn’t have and had lack of motivation which eventually lead me to quilting from these diets over and over again. I was sick and tired of these circles and I remember thinking to myself: I’ve got to figure out how to lose weight without feeling so miserable all the time!

I went on a journey to learn more about the body and the mind, learnt as much as I could about nutrition, dieting and weight loss and attended seminars and workshops to get the hands-on strategies that I needed to lose the weight. After many trials and errors, mostly error, I did lose the weight and I learnt the secrets to how to keep it off!

Now, I work with women to create their body and life they deserve and feel empowered, awesome and energised.  My program is not about the next fad diets, gimmicks or crazy exercise plans. It is about YOU. I helped many women to find their ideal way of living, to remove the inner blocks that holding them back to achieve their goals and helped them to overcome emotional eating so they can experience their true inner beauty.

It is not about changing YOU, it is about helping you finding your better self. And what is great? You already have it; you just need to start your holistic journey.

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