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Introducing Karen Giglia – Managing Director, Financial Management 101

Karen’s mantra to wealth management is……….

 “It’s not how much money we earn.  It’s the ability to manage money that will make the difference”!

Having enjoyed a career for over 25 years in the corporate world, Karen set up a financial coaching business in 2010 with the vision of providing more education in the areas of financial management, mortgage reduction strategies, cash flow management and improved financial health that enables people to create an income for life.

Karen’s experience in Wealth Management has been in the area of:  superannuation and non-super investment administration; financial advice to businesses on corporate superannuation; assisting individuals in self-managed super fund strategies; risk insurance assessment; and global funds management in providing portfolio strategies to financial advisers, accountants and other professionals providing advice to clients.

As a Financial Coach, Karen works with people on decreasing ONE of the major stresses in their life, she does this by looking at how their:

  1. Current banking structure is set up,
  2. Income to spending ratio and if it is aligned to their earning capacity,
  3. Cash flow management to ensure maximising debt reduction strategies,
  4. Property investment by removing the emotional buying triggers, and
  5. Accountability & Support, to ensure clients continue to move out of the debt cycle and start to build on real wealth opportunities.

Call Karen on +61 430 348 933 for a private and confidential “Financial Health Check” now!


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