Forensic Healing

“The Forensic Healing System is a New Holistic Modality that combines logic and intuition, healing and structure to provide the deepest and most effective healing experience, releasing pain, trauma and stress fast.”


Business Name: Forensic Healer

Mala Chatrath

I am a Forensic Healer. I know there is something you are searching for but haven’t found the answers yet …. that’s why the Universe has brought us together. With the help of Forensic Healing, my intuition and my innate gift of healing, together we can solve that mystery.

My mission is to assist women by giving them insight and a better understanding of themselves. I help you align with your unique blend of strengths and values, gain clarity and direction to where you want to be.

During a Forensic Healing session we ascertain the key age a situation occurred in your life, the limiting belief you formed around that event and the negative life pattern that stems from the belief that you formed at that time.

Using a structured protocol, kinesiology and unique opening and closing statements during a session to determine when, how and where a condition was born. Empowering you by providing the answers as to why something occurs and reoccurs in your life and releasing the emotional, spiritual and physical blocks so balance and harmony are restored.

Women I love to work with:

  • Open minded
  • Open hearted
  • Brave
  • Committed
  • Soulful
  • Funny

Have also had great success working with children.

If you are serious about making a change the go ahead and give yourself the gift of transformation today!

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Mala Chatrath
Phone: 0434414877

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