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Fay is a fully qualified life coach with a passion for living life to the fullest. As well as holistic life coaching, Fay specialises in confidence building, wellness and fitness.

Fay’s philosophy is empowering you to be confident, healthy and happy, and to live life to the fullest. She believes that physical and mental health are vital for the optimal life. Her interests include health, the mind, body, nutrition, exercise, personal development and creativity. She is passionate about helping you embrace your individuality and being the best person you can be. Her approach is flexible and tailored to your needs.

Fay has qualifications in a range of fields including life coaching, wellness and fitness as well as others. She chose to pursue life coaching after fifteen years in the corporate world.
She established a successful career at an early age but decided that she needed a change. She has transformed her own life and will empower you to do the same. As well as life coaching, Fay has explored a range of life paths including statistics, distance running, fitness, music, writing, art and design.

Fay is highly creative and energetic. She regularly writes a range of articles related to life improvement, and designs her own inspirational messages for her Facebook page. She is a Building Self-Esteem blogger for HealthyPlace, the largest mental health community.

Fay will empower you with the confidence to be yourself, to live a healthy, happy life to the fullest. She provides a one-on-one life coaching program, workshops, articles and an inspirational Facebook page.

Fay Offers:

  • One on one Life Coaching tailored to your needs. Life coaching will get results in any area of your life. It’s particularly useful if you’re seeking to make changes, improvements, want some direction or want to work towards a goal. Fay will coach any issue and specialises in confidence building, wellness and fitness.
  • Workshops on wellness, confidence building and personal development. – Writing services – contact her to write articles tailored to your needs.
  • Inspirational and informative blog articles on a range of topics. She is a Building Self-Esteem writer for HealthyPlace, the largest mental health community.
  • Inspirational Facebook page incorporating Fay’s own designs.

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Fay Agathangelou
Phone: 0421 705 005
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