Yoga Teacher

“Yoga are the physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which aim at transforming body and mind.” – Wikipedia.

Business Name: Yoga Teacher Romana Weedon

Romana’s Yoga journey started in 2001, taking Yoga classes, reading endless books and home practicing with yoga DVD’s. She thirsted for more knowledge and understanding of the practice and embarked on a yoga teacher training course with My Health Yoga.  She has been teaching yoga since 2008 in Queensland and has just moved to Perth.

“I’ve always been keen to find healthy ways to bring harmony and balance into my life. Not only did yoga help me physically to gain strength and flexibility, but I also found my mental clarity and emotional awareness increased.  For me, the practice of yoga works in subtle ways, from the core of your being radiating out.  I found yoga provided me with answers and deeper insights into the spiritual side of life, which has been reawakened through various life changing events.”

“It gives me great joy to share with others my knowledge and understanding of this ancient practice of yoga.”


Grad Dip Senior Education
BFA (Fine Arts with health and physical education)
L1 Hatha Yoga Teacher
Cert 1 Massage

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