Energy Painting

A one day course with Jyoti McKie

“For the last several years I have offered Visionary artist courses, now this is  a new way to help you move to a higher level of seeing and expressing energy.”

Would you like to…………

Be inspired beyond your wildest imaginings?

Create energetic imagery like you’ve never known before?

Learn how to tap into cosmic energies and translate them into sublime images?

What will this course do for you……..

Help you learn amazing visionary techniques to enhance your inner seeing.

Help you develop energy art that is unlike any other.

Help you enjoy and celebrate your new found connection with your soul energy.

Help you revive your creative expression.

Jyoti McKie, a practicing visionary artist and clairvoyant for over 35 years combines her psychic abilities to “see” into other realms with her skills and experience as a professional artist and teacher of creativity.