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  • Self-awareness
  • Emotional and energetic intelligence
  • Spiritual guidance


  • Self Awareness
  • Spiritual Development

Spiritual Regression: Alternate and Life between Life

Group Facilitator, Consultant, and Speaker.

Self – Awareness Workshops with Enlightened Life

Fear, Anger Insecurity and Other Unwanted Dinner Guests.

Getting to emotional intelligence, self-awareness, emotional freedom and energetic self-mastery

Two half day workshops that are designed to help develop greater self-awareness, insight and emotional intelligence. The workshops provide information that will enable you identify, the blocks and resistance that may be holding you back from living a happy, and self-inspired life. Using tools that will enable release of deep rooted blocks and energy entanglement in safe, easy ways and teach new ways of being and relating to others.

Manifesting and Creating: Beyond Parking Fairies and Poverty Conscious

Two half day workshops that explore manifesting and creating; from subconscious belief systems to vibrational frequencies that help or hinder in our achieving our desired outcomes. These two workshops provide information to enable a greater self-awareness, and tools that can lead to improved and better outcomes in your life.

The Chalice and the Rose: Reclaiming the Mystery

This workshops is my heart gift to my daughters, granddaughters and sisters. A workshop for strong beautiful and powerful women coming into their remberance of their beauty, strength and power. Two wonderful half day workshops that weave their way through; the mysteries of womanhood, the Divine feminine, the modern woman and the lost sacredness of being a woman, to reclaiming the power and the mystery of the Divine You.

There are no walls: creating, building, restoring and strengthening relationships.

Relationships are our most precious resource. Whether it is our relationship with ourselves, our lovers, family, and friends, in our work places or even interaction with strangers. How we relate to ourselves and how we relate to others determines the quality of our relationships, which in turn determines the quality of our life satisfaction and happiness. These two half day workshops offer knowledge to help create greater relationship awareness, with qualitative relationship building tools that can lead to mutually satisfying relationships.”They say there is a doorway from heart to heart, but what is the good of a doorway when there are no walls?” – Rumi

Spiritual Workshops with Enlightened Life

Listening to and Living Your Heat Song

A soft voice beckons each of us, without words it whispers in our hearts….to come find me. A remembering just beyond our conscious remembering. It calls. A soft singing in our hearts. So many people at this time are feeling this call. A sense of something more. This two part workshop explore this soundless, wordless voice, this heart song. Helping to unravel its mysteries of intuition, “gut-feelings” energy, synchronicity and much more. These two workshops explore how to listen and respond to the heart song within each of us, asking how we can live within its song.

Head, Heart and Hand Counselling Skills for Light and Energy Workers

This is a skills based workshop designed to provide a foundation for good counselling practise. The two part workshop runs across two half days that cover a practical skill set whilst engaging the heart to embrace the art of compassionate practise.


Many believe humanity is moving to its next stage of evolution from homo-erectus to homo-luminous, from carbon cell based life form to crystalline matrix. This beautiful series of workshops are designed to support and enable that shift at the individual level. Luminosity is a series of six half day workshops. The aim of the workshop is to; cleanse and heal the emotional body, expand mental body awareness, activate the Light Bodies and, enlighten and align frequencies.

We will be working with the conscious and subconscious mind, on the inner and Light planes, combining information from ancient sacred wisdom with 21st century cutting edge science and incorporating healing solfeggio frequencies, through subliminal, and sonic mediation.

The six workshops are

  • The Lotus and The Light
  • Dancing with the Divine
  • The Luminous Heart
  • The Fire and The Sun
  • Light Matrix
  • Living Light: Luminosity

Enlightened Living: Lessons of Light – Joining the Dots

A series of six full day workshops that explore the mysteries and the questions that entice us all. Who are we really and why are we here? What is it and how does it all fit together? From the ancient sacred wisdoms, to 20th century science, psychology, energy, sound, philosophy, spirituality, and much more.

Our journey weaves its way through the mysteries of the physical, the soulful, and the spiritual, making connections between; Angels, Astral and Atoms, ET’s, Earth and DNA, Ley Lines, Cosmic Space and Dolphins, Soul Mates, Archetypes and Holograms, Hindu gods, Quantum Physics and Monkeys, Law of Attraction, super positioning, Solfeggio, and Fibonacci, Galactic bodies, Light bodies and Earth bodies. All information; beautiful, enlightening and awakening, as Lesson of Light provided by Source.

They are signposts on a journey, puzzle pieces or like child’s dot point book. They can seem random, and at times contradicting and confusing. It is only when we follow the signposts, join the dots or put the puzzle pieces together do we see the complete picture. The harmony of all things. These workshops are designed to do just that. They are a linking of the Lessons of Light which have been provided to humanity to give a greater understanding of the Cosmic Tapestry woven by Spirit.

My Bio


Alaya Helen is a university qualified counsellor who works with Angels and Counsels of Light.
As a young child Alaya Helen began experiencing alternative realties. At 17 years of age she embarked upon a conscious spiritual journey, studying an array of spiritual modalities with several accreditations including Reiki Master and Spiritual Regression.

As a social worker Alaya Helen has 15 years of academic study, working with a variety of modalities ranging from trauma, personal development through to Thought Field Therapies. In her career Alaya Helen has worked in a number of specialised areas, ranging from international disaster recovery, workshop facilitation to management at an executive level, and has an expansive area of expertise.

A counsellor, personal enabler, workshop facilitator, and spiritual guide, she has more than 20 years experience in working with individuals, and families to help improve their lives.

Combining academic knowledge and spiritual wisdom, Alaya Helen has assisted an abundance of people in their personal and spiritual development.

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