The Trinity Connect

8 week spiritual & intuitive development course at Vivacious Living Centre, Applecross.

Are you looking for calm, clarity, and spirituality in your life?

Do you find trusting your intuition difficult?

Are you seeking balance in your life?

Are you seeking a deeper connection to yourself?

Open circle focuses on:

  • Developing your intuition and understanding your vibration to bring you clarity and become more present.
  • Using meditation and attunement methods to access your power for spiritual & intuitive development (and mediumship if relevant).
  • Using intuitive exercise to help you deepen your intuition and understand how your mind works (we’re all unique).
  • Exploring blocks that are holding you back from trusting yourself.
  • Exploring symbolism, chakras, tarot, psychometry, dream analysis & mythology and more.
  • Receiving the wonder of spiritual healing.
  • Strengthen sensing your vibration to allow your development to unfold further… whether it’s spirituality, intuitively, as a medium or healer.
  • Exploring modern ¬†spirituality & how we can bring these skills & learnings into our everyday life.
  • Developing yourself with like minded people in a safe & fun environment where you’re guaranteed light bulb moments!

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Contact Details

Sunita Phone: 0457 782 704

Opening Hour

Option1: 9:30am-11:30pm
Monday 28 July to
Monday 15 August
2014 weekly

Option 2: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Thursday 31st July to
Thursday 18th Sept 2014