Life alignment seminar

Congratulations for clicking onto what thousands of people have described as ‘the most life-changing experience they’ve ever had!’

Imagine having your whole life not only pieced together in a matter of two days, but also reframed completely to a point where you became absolutely and unconditionally grateful for EVERYTHING that had happened.

This is what I am blessed enough to have experienced in my life many years ago and what I now help thousands of people to experience around the globe each year. I have worked all over the globe helping people to get clear with their past and open up their future.

Prior to experiencing this breakthrough technology, I destroyed perfectly good relationships, was constantly broke and in a state of fear and sought outside influences like sex drugs and alcohol my whole life trying to fill a subconscious need within me. All because I had a completely misguided perception of what had gone on for me in my upbringing. If you had asked me it wasn’t misguided at all – I had every reason to believe what had happened – it was my reality. Well so I thought.

Little did I know that our reality (good and bad) is actually fabricated through our lopsided perceptions and is not reality at all; this is why siblings who grow up in the same environment can have such varied beliefs about their experience; why we build such distorted beliefs about ourselves and others.

When you let go of resentment, guilt, shame and hurt etc. you free up so much more room in your heart for what you truly desire in your life.

We specialize in sexual, physical and emotional abuse as well as unbridled grief and abandonment not discounting the everyday run of the mill outcomes like anger, fear, resentment, addiction, low Self-esteem, depression and relationship breakdowns.

We help people open their hearts and their lives in ways they never thought possible as was done for me many years ago and I am forever grateful to see the incredible changes it makes in their lives.