NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner

“NLP is the most powerful vehicle for change in existence…”  - Psychology Today Magazine

You’ve heard the rumours… Now, find out for yourself how NLP has improved thousands of lives worldwide. New science proves beyond doubt that the mind controls the body and your beliefs and values control your life even if you don’t want them to. NLP training teaches you the instruction manual of your mind / brain.

When you understand how your mind / brain works you can create the life you deserve to live.

‘All the things that go on inside your mind affect your physiology, and they’re all potentially within your control…’

  • How The Mind / Brain codes information with submodalities
  • Sensory Awareness / Acuity
  • Learn the NLP Model for Success
  • NLP Presuppositions for Health, Wealth & Success
  • How to associate & dissociate from emotion
  • Learn to influence through language 
  • Learn the Power of Focus
  • The secrets to achieving successful goals
  • Communicate with the Unconscious Mind
  • Mental rehearsal for clarity & focus
  • The 4 pillars for success
  • Experience powerful NLP techniques
  • Discover your Timeline to the future & past