Psyche of the Chakras

Living Consciously through the Chakras - The souls journey through the human experience.

The function of the seven major chakras is to vitalize each layer of the human aura and to transmit energy to the physical body to bring about the development of different aspects of self-awareness.

Energy, also understood as information or consciousness, is transmitted between the auric layers through passageways in the tips of the chakras. In most people these tips become blocked. They open through spiritual purification work and living consciously.

Each chakra is related to an organ, endocrine gland and nerve plexus and has a special psychological function. Whatever we ‘invest’ our energy in will depend of how much energy we have each day. If we lose too much energy on a daily basis we have to ‘borrow’ it from the cells and tissues in our body. This induces lethargy, ill health and speeds up the aging process.

The chakras also represent levels of maturity of our human and spiritual experience. They are levels of consciousness that we must go through for us to understand our human existence. Most of our energy is lost in the lower three chakras, which represent the human self (as opposed to the higher chakras of the spiritual self). Each organ and corresponding chakra is related to a belief, perception and a behavioural pattern.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Become more conscious and self-evolved
  • Learn how to release blocks in your seven energy centres
  • Identify what steals your energy and how you can replenish it
  • Experience powerful chakra meditations
  • Enjoy an Illuminated and graphic DVD
  • Learn various ways how you can balance and energize your chakras
  • Understand the seven levels of consciousness and how they affect your life
  • Develop a better understanding of the human experience
  • How the mind is the ‘cause’ and the body is the ‘effect’
  • Improve relationships with you, your loved ones and the world around you