Advanced Reiki

Advanced Reiki

This TWO day intensive ADVANCED REIKI course will suit those who have enjoyed the benefits and skills learnt in levels 1 & 11 and wish to further their development with advanced Reiki techniques, and receive the Master attunement to increase the effectiveness and strength of their Reiki energy.

This course will also benefit those keen to acquire further knowledge of metaphysical subjects that include ‘new science’ discoveries, the mind-body connection, an understanding of how the power of thought and emotions affect our lives and the world around us, together with the development and enhancement of psychic/intuitive abilities.

This ADVANCED REIKI course is also a prerequisite to the final level of Reiki Level 111 – Master/Teacher training, although one does not necessarily need to go to the Master/Teacher level in order to learn the benefits of what the ADVANCED REIKI course has to offer.

Some of the subjects covered include:

  • Advanced Reiki techniques
  • Healing karma with Reiki
  • Clearing negativity and trauma from the aura
  • Reiki meditations for mind strengthening and expanding consciousness
  • Creating prosperity with Reiki – manifesting and goal setting
  • Creativity and problem solving using Reiki
  • Removing unwanted psychic energy/hooks and spirit attachments from the aura Working with your Guides and Enlightened Beings in a healing session
  • Using Reiki for psychic protection
  • Strengthening the aura using Reiki
  • Developing your connection to Source with Reiki
  • The healing power of gratitude and appreciation
  • The Usui Master symbol which increases the effectiveness of the Reiki 11 symbols and can be used for healing
  • The Usui Master attunement which increases the effectiveness of Reiki energy
  • Introduction to Crystal Healing and how to combine with Reiki Crystal gridding and how to incorporate them with Reiki Crystal Reiki for pets & animals
  • Introduction to the Universal Laws and how they affect us Understanding the transitional stages to higher consciousness Understanding emotions and how to process them
  • Healer ‘Heal Thyself’ – incorporating: taking responsibility – dealing with inner conflict - managing fear, stress & anxiety – achieving & maintaining the physical, emotional, & spiritual bodies for optimum health and equilibrium
  • The intuitive heart – the ‘Seat of the Soul’
  • Understanding empathy and sensitivity as a Reiki channel
  • The Lightworkers role in the Golden Age

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