The Art of Mediumship

The Trinity of Connect

1 Day Workshops at Vivacious Living Centre, Applecross.

Do you sense spirit?

Do you want to explore working with spirit?

Do you want to develop your mediumship?

Do you want to understand what is holding you back?

These 1 day workshops are designed for any level & include:

  • What is a Medium?
  • Different types of Mediumship.
  • Mediumship and spiritual development.
  • Understanding your ability.
  • Exploring your relationship with Spirit to allow them to work with you.
  • Using meditation and attunement methods to access your power for spirit communication.
  • Addressing your fears and exploring blocks that are holding you back from trusting yourself and spirit.
  • Understanding the difference between PSYCHIC and SPIRIT links. Do you know the difference?
  • Deepening your understanding of your own spirit.
  • Developing yourself with like minded people in a safe & fun environment where you’re guaranteed light bulb moments!

These workshops are practical and theory based to expand your awareness.

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$157 (2 weeks prior to start date)

General admission

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Contact Details

Sunita Phone: 0457 782 704

Opening Hour

Sunday 20 July: 9-5:30pm
Sunday 26 October: 9-5:30pm
Morning & afternoon tea provided.